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I am a Police Vehicle Operations instructor at the Ontario Police College and am in charge of the Motor Officers training program.  I have more than 30 years riding experience, 20 years of policing and over 12 years in Police Motorcycle training. I am a certified Master Instructor who believes that you can always improve your skills, safety and learn new techniques. 


Over 5 years ago, I noticed that there was a lack of training for civilian riders after the initial rider training required to get a riding permit/licence. Although Canada's Police Motor Officers ride for a living and must be diligently trained to ensure their safety as well as ours; these riding techniques are also essential to each and every rider.  

That is when I decided to do something to close the gap between initial civilian riding training and Motor Officers training.  Taking everything I have learned and taught, I designed an advanced rider training course for all motorcyclists whether they ride for fun, for a living, to get places, and whether they ride solo or in a group.   

Motorcycle Masters (MCM) courses are based on my professional and personal experience; however, these courses are also continuously improving with our instructors bringing their own experience, as well as with the help of our course participants through their feedback.  At the end of the day, the course will have improved your skills and you will leave a better, safer rider, with a confident smile on your face.  


MCM Jim Mel.jpg

Jim Mulligan

Owner / Instructor










I am a retired Police Officer with 32 years of policing experience. My last 15 years I spent as a police motorcycle officer conducting high level VIP motorcycle escorts in the national capital area. My last 6 years on the job were spent as a lead police motorcycle instructor.

I've been fortunate enough to be part of a motorcycle team where everyone rides at an elite level. In doing so, we've all been able to push one another and improve each other's riding skills. I've had the pleasure of teaching numerous amounts of motorcyclists at low and high speed riding levels, and I look forward to doing the same with new riders in the future.


My main goal is to have everyone I have taught be able to maneuver a motorcycle safely and proficiently.


Rick Comba












I am a retired police officer with 32 years of experience. I also served with the Canadian Armed Forces. 


I have been riding motorcycles for 36 years. I have been riding police motorcycles for 32 years both in Bermuda and Canada on routine patrol and on escort duties. 


I am certified instructor who worked for Deeley Harley Davidson instructing the Police Motorcycle course at the Ontario Police College for 9 years prior to my retirement. 


The safety skills taught on the MCM course are the same skills I’ve used, practiced and taught to hundreds of officers and civilians. 


This training increases your braking, awareness and ability to handle your motorcycle and its equipment. 


Together we will learn to be better safer and confident when we need it the most. I look forward to riding with you. 



Dave Blackwell













I am a volunteer firefighter and towing operator with a strong belief in ongoing training and safety awareness.

I grew up around motorcycles. I started riding motocross, then moved onto street bikes and I have been licensed for 8 years. 


One day, while in Daytona, I saw a professional riding demo, purchased the DVD and immediately started practicing the techniques. I eventually heard of MCM and took the advanced riding course where I instantly fell in love with the training and cone patterns. I attended every MCM course, started helping out and a couple years later, I was given the opportunity to take the level 1 police course. I also competed in rodeos/competitions which pushed my limits. 


Every course I took with MCM as well as every competition I participated in, made me a better and safer rider.  In 2019, MCM gave me the opportunity to instruct.  I enjoy helping riders become more comfortable on their bikes, while at the same time making them safer on the roads. I encourage every rider I meet to take this course and jump at any opportunity to practice. 


Davey Photo.png

Dave Cormack













I am a retired police sergeant from a police service in the province of Québec with over 33 years of service in the patrol division. I also worked as a trainer within the police service and the provincial police academy, l'École nationale de police du Québec.

I have been riding motorcycles for 36 years and am a certified Level I & II police motorcycle operator trained by the Ontario Police College.

I participate in motorcycle skills competitions yearly in the US and Canada. I ride a Harley Davidson Road King Police, a BMW R1200 RTP police motorcycle and a BMW GS 1250.

The sport of motorcycle riding is one of passion; however, it requires certain skills that come from proper training and practice. MCM will teach you the proper skills to be a safe motorcycle operator and a better rider.

The best day of motorcycle riding is when you can do so the next day because you were safe on the road today.

Be well and ride safe!












I am a currently serving Police Motorcycle Officer and have been riding for over 10 years. 

Although I ride a Harley for living, I enjoy riding my Triumph Trophy on my days off and I can tell you that the skills you will learn with MCM will apply to any types of ride.

Instructing with MCM is a fun and rewarding way for me to give back to the motorcycling community and help the riders be safe on the roads. 


Stef Photo.jpg

Stef Blackman



Simon Toyne










John Kelly


I am a former Police Vehicle Operations instructor, instructor for Police Motor Officer Training Program and Ceremonial Motorcycle Program. I am a former instructor of Humber College Motorcycle Program. I have been riding for the past 12 years, 10 years as a Motor Officer.  I am a certified Instructor who believes you can always improve and learn. 


I feel that all riders should continually learn and become more comfortable with their riding skills.  Motorcycle Masters (MCM) courses will not only improve your skills as a rider, but will leave you better prepared as a safe and confident rider.


John Kelly Picture_edited.jpg










Steve Stafford


I am a retired police officer with 6 years  as a police motorcycle operator.  As a motor officer I completed levels 1, 2, and 3(VIP motorcycle escorts) police motorcycle courses where my main instructors  were Mully and Blackie.

I have competed in police motorcycle skills competitions as a police officer and continue to do so as a retired police officer. I am a huge proponent of continual learning.  Participating in competitions and in various training courses has been crucial to keeping me safe on a motorcycle as a police officer on duty and as a civilian riding for pleasure.

My goal is to provide a fun and positive environment  to teach the skills that I have learned so that everyone that I teach rides away a safer motorcycle rider.

I look forward to riding with you.


Steve Stafford.jpg










Gary Machell 












Jody Armstrong 


I’m retired from Kingston Police as a Staff Sergeant with 32 year’s service. Most memorable assignment was overseeing the traffic office where I had to opportunity to better my motorcycle riding skills on the Level I and Advanced motorcycle training course at Ontario Police College. Subsequently honed my riding skills further attending a few Great Lakes Police Training Seminars. I’ve been riding for 15 years and still make time to practice my skills weekly on my BMW R1250GSA. 









Peter LaFontaine



30 year member with Kingston Police.  Retired 5 years as of October 2023.  I worked as a motor officer for 12 years in patrol and the traffic unit.

I have been a police motorcycle instructor for 9 years.  Currently riding a 2018 BMW K16.


GIL - MCM-bio_pic-GT.jpg









Gil Tait


I am a Transportation Engineering professional with over 25 years experience in traffic investigations, road safety, traffic operations and traffic management.

I believe in the three (3) E principle:  Engineering, Education and Enforcement with a strong passion in the education principle.  I believe that any investment in training, time and/or money, is an investment in yourself.

Over five (5) years ago Mully started Motorcycle Masters (MCM) and I jumped at the opportunity to assist in this educational program starting out as the “cone guy”.  Using my observation skills, traffic engineering background and maintaining my passion for sharing knowledge over the last five years I have progressed to a trainer within MCM.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with all our participants and gauge my “success” based on the smiles and confidence of the participants upon completion of one of our courses.

Looking forward to seeing you on the course!










Darren Keuhl


I served with the Kingston Police for 33 years retiring at the rank of Sergeant.

During my last 6 years I supervised the Traffic Services Unit. I was responsible for overseeing the Collision Reconstruction and Police Motor unit providing motor escorts, and general patrol on departmental bikes. I attained Level 1 and 2 Motor officer certifications at the Ontario Police College.

I ride a 2018 Susuki Vstrom 1050.










Ray Kenney


I worked 30 years for the Kingston Police and retired in 2017.  I often worked as an in-service instructor throughout my career.  In my last 5 years, I certified in the Police Motor Officer training course and rode the Kingston Police motorcycles for various community and traffic enforcement events.

I have owned and ridden various motorcycles.   Currently I ride a 2019 Triumph Tiger 1200 and love it.


John Stapes.jpg

John Stapes



Yoshi Nakatani


I am a Moto-Gymkhana rider, occasional Dirt-bike / Trials rider, and also an active Ontario M1 Exit Motorcycle Instructor at a GTA based motorcycle rider training school for over 20yrs.
I was born, raised in Japan. I took my motorcycle license and regularly trained at a Honda owned motorcycle riding school in the 90s before I moved to Canada.

I participated Experienced Rider Training Symposium which was run by Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme (F.I.M.) in Spring 2011, interacted with instructors from EU, South America, and Oceania.
This event made me realize that North American Style Motorcycle Rider Training for Licensing needs some stimulation from other countries, especially for instructors.

Then I approached Honda Canada Inc. and discussed to have a fun event with obtaining new skills which are never taught in Canada. The test event was CBR250R event in Autumn 2011, and it was a great

After that event, Honda and I organized Honda Rock the Red Moto-Gymkhana in 2012. I was the Lead Instructor. The event was success even it was raining. I designed the layout that riders needed to use some skills which are taught in Japan as their standard. November 2012, I went to Twin Ring Motegi where Moto-GP is held every year. ( Honda owns the facility) My purpose was to take Honda Advanced
Skills Motorcycle Instructor Training Program. I successfully completed the program and got certified.

The Moto-Gymkhana event continued till 2015. Through this event, I had an opportunity to coach Moto- Gymkhana skills to instructors of a riding school in Surrey BC several times.

In 2019, I took MCM course as a student to brush up my Cruiser riding skills again.
I regularly participate in Great Lakes Police Motorcycle Training Seminar to compete in Civilian Group, although I do not do it for the trophies but to improve my skills. I also enjoyed practicing with other professional riders, such as Motor Police Officers and get their feedback.

I ride, brush up on my skills and practice continuously to stay sharp for my future students.











Phil Blackwell


I served nine years in the Canadian Armed Forces. Deployed twice. After leaving the forces in 2018 I was introduced to the motorcycle community. This is where my journey began.


2019 I completed the level 1 police motor officer course with the Greater Sudbury police Department. I am very honoured to have earned that ride.


After completing my motor officer course I continued to train with the other instructors here at MCM. For the short period I had been riding (few months). I had complete confidence in my abilities to ride an be vigilant to my surroundings. The skills prepared me for the ride. Always conscious, but never fear the road.


Throughout the summer of 2019 I shadowed MCM instructors learning to become an instructor. Mastering the skills through challenges, and competitions. Although I say master I will always be mastering the trade of riding. Ways of the road change, Motorcycles change, an skills fade.


Spring of 2020 to present I have been apprenticing as a motorcycle technician on every year, make, an model of motorcycle. Let me tell you these skills apply to every single kind of bike there is weather you ride a sport bike to trike they can always be moulded to the ride. That’s what MCM does.


I believe that knowledge an training helps save, but you cannot learn if it’s not enjoyable. If your looking to grow your skill sets these courses WILL help you. Everyone learns differently an that’s why Motorcycle Masters is different than any other. We adapt to what YOU need.


I hope I get to see you on the track!


Phil Blackwell Picture_edited.jpg
Helmut Luecke.jpg

Helmut Luecke

Co-owner / instructor trainee

I was introduced to motorcycling back home in Germany at a very young age. I have been actively riding road bikes for 42 years. I have always enjoyed long distance travel, completed an Iron Butt ride and in my younger years, raced mid seventies vintage motorcycles and a 125GP bike. My current ride is a 2018 Street Glide, which gets ridden often, with my Wife as passenger much of the time.

I participated in my first MCM course in July 2023. I wanted to make sure that I was doing my best to be at the top of my riding game. The MCM course was very effective at showing me that there is always room to improve skills and confidence regardless of experience, age or ability. I found this course very beneficial and enjoyable and with some additional challenges brought on by Jim, I was hooked. I followed up with 4 more courses that year. I was very pleased to accept Jim and Mel’s offer at the end of the season to become a part of the MCM family as a co-owner and begin training to become an Instructor.

I agree fully with the comments in every Instructor’s bio’s about the importance of continuing training, learning, awareness and practice. Your best riding abilities will ensure that you have the best tools available to make riding as safe as possible and therefore the most enjoyable that it can be, both for yourself and your loved ones.

 I hope to see you out on the road.

Yes, I still have the helmet.

MEL on her GS.jpg

Mel Brunet

Contact, public relation, support



Sonia Morin

MCM ambassador


Brigitte Croteau

Helper- Instructor Trainee 

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