I am a police officer with more than 30 years experience in riding safety and 12 years in training. I am a certified instructor who believes that you can always improve your skills, safety and learn new techniques. 


When I am not performing my duties, or advancing my own skills, I teach riders how to improve their safety on their personal motorcycle.


MCM courses are based on my professional and personal experience. The training will greatly improve your skills as well as your confidence before the completion of the 8 hours class.

Jim Mulligan


I am a retired Police Officer with 32 years of policing experience. My last 15 years I spent as a police motorcycle officer conducting high level VIP motorcycle escorts in the national capital area. My last 6 years on the job were spent as a lead police motorcycle instructor.

I've been fortunate enough to be part of a motorcycle team where everyone rides at an elite level. In doing so, we've all been able to push one another and improve each other's driving skills. I've had the pleasure of teaching numerous amounts of motorcyclists at low and high speed riding levels, and I look forward to doing the same with new riders in the future.


My main goal is to have everyone I've taught be able to maneuver a motorcycle as safely and proficiently as possible.

Rick Comba


I am a retired police officer with 32 years of experience. I also served with the Canadian Armed Forces. 


I have been riding motorcycles for 36 years. I have been riding police motorcycles for 32 years both in Bermuda and Canada on routine patrol and on escort duties. 


I am certified instructor who worked for Deeley Harley Davidson instructing the Police Motorcycle course at the Ontario Police College for 9 years prior to my retirement. 


The safety skills taught on the MCM course are the same skills I’ve used, practiced and taught to hundreds of officers and civilians. 


This training increases your braking, awareness and ability to handle your motorcycle and its equipment. 


Together we will learn to be better safer and confident when we need it the most. I look forward to riding with you. 

Dave Blackwell


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