Motorcycle Masters is excited to announce that for the third year in a row, a civilian class will be open to the public in partnership with the Great lakes Police Motorcycle Training Seminar.


The civilian training seminar and competition (should you wish to participate) is designed for everyone, experienced motorcycle riders and first time competitors. This is a training opportunity that will make you a better and safer rider, provide you with an experience you will remember and perhaps forge a few friendships within the police motor officers as well as the civilian riders communities.

The 2022 Great Lakes Police Motorcycle Training Seminar (GLPMTS) is being hosted from August 17 to August 20, 2022. This exciting 4 day event attracts police motorcycle officers from across North America. The event concludes on August 20 with a thrilling competition that will test the participants knowledge and skills that they have acquired.

The 2021 booking price of $375 per rider participating in the training seminar includes 4 days of training with some of the best instructors. 


You are responsible for any other costs such as meals, hotel/accommodation, travel, fuel, repairs etc.  


2022 registration is now OPEN





Hotel      To be announced​​​​​

Event location


August 17 - 20, 2022
GTA, Ontario

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Participants - MCM- GLPMTS 2019.jpg